El Salto Durango

Durango El Salto

You´ll not find clearer night skies than those in El Salto City, in Durango. Its notoriety as the perfect setting for any Hollywood Western is well known, as well as its open skies in the desert with simmering moonlight strewn from the yellow sands.

Puentecillas durango

In the city of El Salto there are places such as Puentecillas where, along with the fresh air, you will be able to admire astronomy, without having to use special telescopes, the starriest nights and even see the Milky Way.

el salto durango

The city of El Salto is nestled in the Sierra Madre Occidental which range extends from near the Arizona border down to the Sierra Madre del Sur. The high plateau that is formed by the range is cut by deep river valleys. This plateau is formed from volcanic rock overlying a basement of metamorphic rock.and is one of the busiest industrial logging places in the country.

Sierra Madre Occidental durango

The scenery is covered with pines, lakes and waterfalls, and is perfect for hiking, ecotourism and amazing outdoor adventures, in addition to more exciting activities such as white water rafting, rappelling, rock climbing and zip lining. El Salto is promoted by the state’s tourism office as the perfect location for camping, having a great picnic or living outdoors while on vacation in one of the numerous family cabins available for rent.