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Durango caldillo soup

Spanish Basque region conquerors that founded Durango and began the conquest of the northern territory brought their local recipes and the first herds of animals. Among the famous dishes from Durango, is “caldillo”, particularly recognized for its antiquity but still a local favorite. Along with beef it can be prepared with green chile (chile verde), red chile (locally called chile Colorado), or dehydrated green chiles (called locally chile pasado). The stewed broth is the first culinary preparation in the long history of culture in Durango, and demonstrates the influence of cultures that have been in the origins of Durango. Its source goes back to the days of the Basque Military Captain Francisco de Ibarra; one of the first conceptions appears in an old manuscript that belonged to Joseph del Campo Soberón and Larrea Soberon, the Count of Súchil Valley who were wealthy miners and landowners in Durango.

marmalades durango mexico

Durango is also famous for its Jams (marmalades) and fruit preserves made from quince, figs, and peaches, as well as the native pitahaya with the use of cane sugar to make jam and jelly can be traced back to the 16th.

Gallina Borracha or ‘drunken chicken’ is a dish exclusively from Durango, made mostly of ingredients of Spanish origin, such as raisins, sherry and almonds.

Licor de Membrillo durango

Traditional drinks include Licor de Membrillo, a liquor made from the quince fruit.

queso chihuahua cheese durango

Durango is also for its cheese, in particular queso chihuahua, also called ‘queso menonita’, a type of cheese made by the state’s many Mennonite residents as well as the traditional “Queso Ranchero” usually made in the high mountains called “Sierra’s” of Durango which tourists as well as native’s eat with equal frequency. Another dish unique to Durango is called “Venorio” made using pork ribs cut into small pieces, cactus and a unique chile sauce made with diverse ground seeds of pumpkin as well as chile seeds, which gives a characteristic orange look to the sauce.

gastronomia carne seca Durango

Another local favorite in Durango is beef jerky (known locally as Carne seca) a traditional food that can be used to make “machaca con huevo” (jerky with eggs) and caldillo con papas (jerky and potato soup). Residents of Durango also enjoy other traditional Mexican dishes, such as tamales, tacos, cabrito, and enchiladas as well as quesadillas made with the two cheese varieties stated earlier.

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