Durango Tourism & Things to do

durango ecotourism

Durango offers ample and diverse outdoor activities, taking advantage of its wild geography and rich biodiversity, outdoor sporting options in the mountains, rivers, lakes, forests and desert areas catering to the adventure sport crowd. If you’re looking for relaxation, you can take a simple eco-vacation with your family and enjoy the beautiful surroundings revered by Hollywood movie producers for many decades. Visitors to the city of Durango can expect to enjoy excellent tourist services and accommodation, from historic boutique hotels to rural cabins built in forests with breathtaking views over rivers and valleys.

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When it comes to entertainment, don’t forget that since the 1950s, this city has caught the eye of major film producers who immortalized its fine architecture and rugged scenery on movies that, if you’ve watched them, will immediately jog your memory with “oh, so that was filmed in Durango”.

Durango National Fair

Amazing traditional fairs and festivals in the city of Durango are notoriously colorful and the locals are friendly and accommodating of visitors. One of the capital’s most distinguishing celebrations is the Durango National Fair held in July, commemorating the founding of the capital city Victoria de Durango.

Feast of Our Lady of Refuge durango

Another extremely popular event is the Feast of Our Lady of Refuge, which is celebrated with colorful fireworks, processions and regional religious dances known as “matachines” always accompanied by polka and rondalla bands. A rondalla is a stringed instrument ensemble with a vocalist (for the romantic at heart, the word comes from the Spanish for serenade). We cannot leave this section of reasons to visit Durango without mentioning the interesting food variety, local dishes and Durango food specialties